Berserk Fury


A powerful type of Ground/Aerial Weapon that has enough power to destroy entire Cities from Orbit, there is presently only one in the world, piloted by Dunkel Almasy.&nbsp


HATSW-02 FeralEdit

Production informationEdit

  • Albion Armoury Inc.
  • Heavy Artillary
  • Tactical Superweapon
  • Aerial Armoured Weapon
  • Ground Armoured Weapon
Design Brainchild:Edit
  • Albion Military Office

Technical SpecificationEdit

  • 22.7 meters
  • 12.3 meters
In attack mode

The Feral in Attack Mode

  • 1x Mega Plasma Cannon, in mouth
  • 2x Buster Claw (1x Plasma Cannon, 1x Plasma Drill and 1x Heavy Shield Generators), mounted on shoulders
  • 1x Electron Fang, located in mouth
  • 2x Strike Claw, located on feet
  • 1x Strike Smash Tail, as Tail
  • 2x Strike Energy Claw, on hands
Other Equipment:Edit
  • Heavy Energy Shield Generators, coupled with the Buster Claw's Shields, it makes a powerful defence
  • High Booster Back (2x Buster Claw and 2x High Maneuver Thruster)
  • 3x Plasma Reaction Generators, used for powersource as well as Mega Plasma Cannon's Powerplant
  • 2x Vernier Thruster, located on ankles
  • 4x Anchor, located on legs
  • Heavy Armour
  • Missile Jamming Devices

1 Pilot


  • Legionaire Terrestrial Forces
  • Dark GF Search Force
  • Project "Hyne Revival"
Known Owners:Edit
Known Commanders:Edit

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