The Royal Family (Elite 7 in Japanese) is the semi-final boss of Final Fantasy: Disaster Strikes


Mistru is The Royal Family's guard and the first member fought. He can mimic any attacks from members of your party or other bosses. He takes the form of an anthropomorphic cat wearing shining armour that a knight will wear. He also has 3043 health.

Mac, Kiamara, Segdark and 9Dot are the 2nd members fought. They have afew attacks: Mac has Light Beam, Shiver Star and Shuriken. Kiamara has Blood Tear and Mega Hammer. Segdark and 9Dot both have these attacks: Darkray, Crushing Calamity and Clone Rain. They take the forms of a cyborg with horns (Mac), an anthropomorphic rocket ship (Kiamara) a gnome with a laser in his hat (Segdark) and a anthropomorphic sparrow (9Dot). Mac has 203 health, Kiamara has 809 Health, Segdark has 1003 health and 9Dot has 5932.

Voss And Balo are the final members fought of The Royal Family. They have all the same attacks as Mac, Kiamara, Segdark and 9Dot but they do twice the damage. Voss has 6798 health and Balo has 9002 health.

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