Three Trident-Classes preparing to guide the Crystal Pillar to Gaia during the Luna Cry

The Trident-Class was a Light Escort ship for larger Capital Ships of the Albion Republican Empire, it was quick and dangerous considering its armour and shields are very durable, it is potentially the strongest weapon ever to go head-to-head with the weapons of Esthar since the Sorceress War.


Trident-Class BattlecruisersEdit

Production informationEdit

  • Albion Armoury Inc.
  • Carrier
  • Battlecruiser
  • Flagship
Design Brainchild:Edit
  • Albion Military Office

Technical SpecificationEdit

  • 400 meters
  • 200 meters
  • 10x Rapid Energy Cannons
Other Equipment:Edit
  • Heavy Energy Shields, follows armour surface.
  • Light Armour
  • Energy Shielding
  • Legionaires (can carry over six million Legionaires) -

Unknown Number or types

  • Small Airships (Complement of 20 Airships of Varying Sizes) -

?x Abaddon-Class Interceptor Airship

?x Creiz-Class Heavy Bomber Airship

?x Levian-Class Scout Airship

?x Rodian-Class Aerial Transport

?x Rex-Class Aerial Attack Transport


  • Albion's 8th Aerial/Space Fleets
  • "Lunatic Pandora" Defence Armada
  • Dark GF Search Force
  • Project "Hyne Revival"
Known Owners:Edit
  • Unknown
  • An Admiral
Known Commanders:Edit
  • Unknown


1st Luna CryEdit

The 1st Luna Cry was the first time these ships were seen in the Final Fantasy 8 Universe, easily guiding the Crystal

Trident-Class under the descending wave of Monsters during the Luna Cry

Pillar down to Gaia without the fear of monsters getting any foothold on the ship, it had a handfull of small cannons that could easily destroy a Ragnarok-Class Etharian Airship if used to the fullet of its abilities.

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